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Leak detection services

Leak detection services.

We provide market leading leak detection services; these services use a variety of leak detection methods from thermal detection to odourless tracing gases that can identify and target the source of leaks within your property without the need for tearing up floorboards or tiles and digging up concrete paths or gardens.

Our leak tracing services can save many hundreds of pounds by negating the need for invasive property searches and save time by quickly identifying the source of leaks.

We can trace the following leaks: -

1.Interior Water and Gas Leaks

2.External Water and Gas Leak

3.Water leaks on combi and conventional heating systems

4.Water supply pipes, cold and hot feeds

5.Gas pipes, natural gas, LPG and oil

6.Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Leak Detection Services

7.Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Our Thermal Imaging leak detection service traces water leaks below floor level and locates leaking pipes that are contained within your walls. The benefit of using our thermal imaging leak detection service is that we can locate the leak precisely without the need for excavation or floor removal, therefore limiting the damage caused by tracing and accessing leaks compared to traditional methods.

Water Leak Detection By Tracer Gas

Not all water leaks can be traced using thermal imaging, the other method that we utilise to locate your leak is called hydrogen leak detection. This method requires the water heating system to be drained and filled with a safe, non explosive gas. As the gas fills the water system it leaks from the location of the water leak and rises to the surface, our state of the art equipment senses the gas and precisely locates the source of the leak. Again this method of leak detection keeps property damage to an absolute minimum.

Gas Leak Detection

Our Gas Leak detection services are carried out by stopping the flow of natural gas into your property and filling your gas system with a safe, non explosive gas called hydrogen. The source of your gas leak is then pinpointed by tracing where the hydrogen is leaking from using our state of the art equipment.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic Leak Detection can be used internally to listen for water leaks through walls, internal floors including tiled floors and can also be used externally to listen below grass, concrete, patios, footpaths and driveways.

Call us FREE on 0800 8247616 for all of your leak detection requirements.Our Leak Detection Services WILL Find & Repair Your Gas Or Water Leak